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World Storage Education

World Storage Education Certified Degree Data Exchange Center

WSE Degree Trustworthiness Verification


Consensus algorithm


Latest height


Current height


Information on the chain

Block information Simulation data
Block height 6956655
Block hash 0x1013e6b690a144f935f2a597daf13457ad4992681352ad88ad84855bf8cec665
Current address 0xfb866935ec1a45db9af5eb2dd6e513ef6fa4490b
On-chain timestamp 2020-04-29 15:00:45
※Block height is the number of blocks linked to the main chain, that is, the number of blocks connected to the block chain;
Blockchain hash value: It can uniquely and accurately identify a specific block. Any node in the block chain can obtain the hash value of this block through simple hashing calculation. The calculated hash value has not changed. This means that the information in the blockchain has not been tampered with.

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